Welcome to Chatrapati Multistate

Welcome to Chatrapati Multistate

About CMCS

Fully intent on elevating the financially backward sector of society, a number of Patsanstha's are being enrolled nowadays. At a similar time, Chatrapati Multistate is the core area that assists with expanding the saving habits and subsequently increasing the living standards of individuals overall. With the above points in mind, Chatrapati Multistate was registered in 2014.

Shri. Santosh (Nana) Bhandari is the Chairman of the Chatrapati Multistate. It is to date, the smartest in Maharashtra. The Honorable Chairman is as of now a leading businessman with a vibrant personality in Maharashtra and has been demonstrated a successful pioneer by fostering a little urban society into a huge metropolitan society. Throughout the long term, the energy, devotion, and vision of Shri. Santosh Bhandari has differentiated the activities of Chatrapati Multistate.

To satisfy the targets of society, we are attempting to give better services to our individuals and clients with the assistance of digitalized technologies. Whenever the client enters the premises, he/she is always treated with an absolute warm welcome and a friendly environment. We trust that we will get full co-activity from the individuals and investors to satisfy our goals. Today the individuals from Chatrapati Multistate are blissful and fulfilled because of the productive client administration.

With the dedication of the team, the is listed among the top names of Maharashtra and has spread to 21 branches in total with more than 1,00,000 satisfied account holders in a very short period.

About Section

Why Chhatrapti Multistate?

Chatrapati is one of the smartest and the best Pathsansthas in Maharashtra. It is passionately present at your service from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM.

Having all the advanced technologies and leading services, Chhatrapti Multistate is here to be the backbone of all kinds of ventures, businesses, and start-ups.

It offers the faster loans and easy services including current and saving account

MD’s Desk

It gives me massive delight to interact with individuals through numerous activities. I solely accept that the groundwork of Chatrapati is these very individuals that drive us forward, each day.

Success Journey

Establishing the pathsanstha in 21 branches, 8 districts & 2 states, Chatrapti Multistates is embedding trust among people and the work culture as well. The main branch of the pathsanstha was founded in Beed and has passionately molded lives towards better.

We passionately dream to offer employment to 250+ hard working people and help with expected funds to over 5000+ entrepreneurs to do wonders in their dream business. Chatrapati Multistate believes in setting benchmarks in the relevant sector with the well said thought of Hartley Withers that goes like- "Good banking is produced not by god laws, but by Good Bankers". Good bankers are the strongest pillars of any pathsanstha and proudly saying, Chatrapati Multistate has them as its asset.

Managing Director Santosh Nana Bhandari
Mr. Santosh Nana Bhandari
Managing Director

Our Employees

Our representatives are the foundation of our pathsanstha. They are deliberately giving powerful, speedy, and doorstep services to our clients. They know the Mantra of making good bonds and not transactions with the customers as they admire the thought of Patrik Dixon. that says, "In banking or finances, trust is the only thing you have to sell. "

Supervised and overlooked by the core team placed at out main branch, the working of the other employees is improved each day. Boosting, reviewing and improving is what done time to time to inculcate numerous updations to work flawlessly.

Future Plan

I'm particularly glad to report that in the following 5 years, we plan to lay out 100 branches in Maharashtra and Karnataka to utilize 1500+young and dynamic graduates. Our primary objective is to offer monetary help to 1 lakh individuals for organizations to accomplish their dream. For this, We invite you to join, the quickest and smartest developing group of Chatrapati Multistate. We unequivocally accept that our different plans won't just make your life charming yet in addition shape your future.

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